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Investing is a game of timing, patience and attention to detail” – Francois Le


The Strategy

Our proven techniques and strategies mixed with a creative approach towards investments have given us an edge in our growth. Working closely with clients to meet their needs and applying unique perspectives from our team of talented, experienced and stoic members. We aim to tailor every clients project to their wants, needs and results.



Our team of researchers work together with our market analyst to find the best suited place for your desired investments



Through our expert team of market analysts, LE Capital Investment is able to predict market shifts and growth.



Once we have properly vetted intel, our investment specialists are able to find a investment to maximize your money.

Investment Services

We provide a team of experts behind every variety of investment services in these asset classes.

Real Estate

Our strategy for investing primality consist of income producing properties. Such as A, B and C class multi-family properties, portfolio of single-family holdings and commercial plazas. Our investment teams have the experience and knowledge of past market movements and applying proven strategies.

Business Ventures

We have a team of well qualified business analyst scouting for new and upcoming technology and business ventures. We as a team, are always striving to stay ahead of trends and markets looking to invest in solid proven ideas and systems.

Digital Assets

We have recently ventured out to digital assets such as A.I technology, crypto assets and block chain technology. Our in-house team of experienced technology analyst have worked in various specialized fields from notable companies. Giving us the edge to stay ahead of the fast pace market trends in this area.

Our Network

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“In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.” – Robert Arnott

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